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Touchpad controller updated and enhanced!

I’ve updated the Multitouchpad controller for Max-for-Live.

It has two important new features:

  • It doesn’t require the CNMAT OSC patches anymore (easier installation)
  • It includes a new 6 pad controller for triggering drums, samples, loops, etc.

Each of the 6 pads can be assigned any MIDI note number, so it’s quite flexible. A fader for adjusting global velocity is also included, and it’s 4-voice capable (4-finger multitouch). Of course, It’s not going to replace an MPC, but it’s useful for layering down some quick drum loops in case you don’t have a “real” controller handy.

It still requires an unibody Macbook and Tongseng (opensource). I suggest you to read my original post for installation instructions.

Most importantly, it’s fun to use!

Download link. Look for it in maxforlive.com also.

5 Responses to Touchpad controller updated and enhanced!

  1. laurent mialon

    Hola J(uan?/aime?/John?)
    (I am writing from a boat where the web cnx is so poor, I am dwnloading ur cv where I should find the full name, but still 20 mins to go !). I came to discover your really handy app yesterday, and I was personnalizing the version I had (from last nov or so), I realized you updated it, and here I am starting to play with it, a hundred thx.
    However, I still get the issue I had with the latest version that prompted me to change the number boxes to be able to change the midi cc. : as it is I cannot enter the number of the cc I wish to get, any clue ? I guess I am missing smt really obvious…
    However the fact is you have done a wonderful job, many thx ! I have no external controllers here, and I do appreciate to have one now !
    Bien cordialement,

    24 Jan 2011 - Reply
  2. Nick

    Great stuff! Does this work with the Magic Mouse? I would like to use it as a pitch bend with a midi keyboard.

    10 Feb 2011 - Reply
    • JP

      I couldn’t say… It would depend on the posibility of Tongseng to use a Magic Mouse as input. If you have one, then I invite you to try it and post the results here!



      12 Feb 2011 -
  3. Simon Ryder

    G’day JP!
    This is a great tool you have come up with, nice work! I am really excited about it. I just cant work out how to change the sliders so they send a unique number, at the moment there all sending CC1? Any help would be Awesome!!

    12 Aug 2013 - Reply

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