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“A veces me pierdo” = new EP!

Spacebarman, my solo musical project, just released a new EP titled “A veces me pierdo”. After finishing it, I’d like to share a couple of short stories that happened behind the scenes.

The the title of the EP (and the starting chorus line of the first song) was taken from a small graffiti I saw somewhere between the Huertas and Las Letras neighborhoods, in Madrid:

This translates into something like "chorus: sometimes I get lost but then you find me"

When I saw it, I felt instantly in love. I had to put those words in a song. Oviously the guy who wrote it wanted the same. I searched for the exact phrase in Google and I couldn’t find it, so I supposed he didn’t make it before. In a way… cool!

On the other hand, the image on the back cover of the EP, was simply funny. Somehow critical, as urban intervention frequently is, but mostly funny:

Some street in the Alonso Martínez neighborhood, Madrid.

This seemed to be a perfect complement for the cover image. The pictures were taken with my mobile phone. They are not specially good pictures, but it its better like that, they let you see the message of the original authors of the intervention.

I don’t know anything about the authors of these simple but inspiring pieces of urban art. I don’t know anything about the guy who wrote those words on the wall. He might be a drunk, broken hearted guy dumping his feeling on the walls in the street  (I tend to imagine he was a guy. It seems to fit better in that image). I can’t imagine something more sincere than that. If I’d ever meet him I would thank him and tell him “look! I love what you wrote on that wall in Madrid, and I made a song with it!”. I would shake his hand, buy him a beer and show him the song to see if he likes it.

Unfortunately I doubt I will be ever able to do so. Anyway, I like the result, and I hope you like it too.

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