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Barcelona Music Hack Day 2012

I had the pleasure to participate in the Barcelona Music Hack Day, during past thursday 14th  and friday 15th.

The result of my work there is TuneMap, a web app developed by Alberto González, Guiller Malón and myself, using the Deezer‘s and Echonest‘s music APIs. We had little sleep but lots of fun. And it was worth it: we received prizes from the Deezer guys!

Time running out

Lots of cool hacks, including  TuneMap, can be found in the Music Hack Day wiki. Drop by and enjoy!

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  1. Ina

    It would be cool it you could talk a bit about TuneMap – how you got the idea, why map music geographically and how you used the Deezer api to do it.

    27 Jun 2012 - Reply
  2. TuneMap (Alpha) | JP Carrascal

    […] photo galleries ← Barcelona Music Hack Day 2012 […]

    28 Jun 2012 - Reply

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