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Composing on the go

The music for this Spacebarman‘s song -called “Uno más (Metro version)”- was arranged and recorded entirely during daily Barcelona’s Metro trips and lunch breaks. The voice was recorded in the Parc del Guinardó, also in Barcelona. The video documents the voice recording session. We wanted to create a song on the go, in public places, taking advantage of mobile technology. You can listen and download the song from our Bandcamp.
We did not use anything besides and iPad running Garageband and a pair of headhones. We don’t want to advertise anything here, since you can do something similar with different software running on other portable devices. The point is that this is another example of how amazing portable devices can be for composing music, how it is possible to capture inspiration wherever you are. A similar tagline has been used since the eighties for selling portable cassette 4-tracks. It was a good approach back then, but to my knowledge just a few devices were actually mobile (battery operated), and you still needed the instruments! Modern mobile devices have rised the bar, and you don’t need anything else to start creating music (but in no way we mean that this could replace actual instruments or professional gear).
On the other hand, we would like to invite anybody interested to remix the song. The tracks are available for download from Soundcloud:


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