Macbook trackpad as controller for Ableton Live (with Max for Live) (Updated)

I was travelling in Colombia with just my laptop, and at some point I wanted to arrange some tracks in Live. I didn’t bring my Xio synth and didn’t have any control source around. I could use map the keys in my Macbook for triggering loops, but I also wanted to control continuous device parameters. Since I have a bluetooth mouse, I could use the trackpad of the Macbook to achieve it…

UPDATE: new version here.
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“La Sub30″ opening sequence

La Sub30 is a Colombian TV magazine for young people under 30, aired through the government-funded Señal Colombia broadcast station. Its 2009 season was made by Tiempo de Cine, a really nice company I used to work for. It was the fruit of the work of an excellent team of professionals. This specific piece, the opening sequence, was created by Carlos Enrique Espinosa and Rodrigo Collazos. I composed the music for it, and I wanted to share it here.

September 14, 2010

History: Piel de gallina

Piel de gallina“, a mockumentary by Monica Arroyave and Carlos “El Pollo” Espinosa. This was the first work I composed music for.

August 13, 2010

Using our notion of randomness as a control source

April 16, 2010

Guitar controller update.

Just in case you are interested, I added a pair of new features to my design. Take a look at them HERE. I think they are the last ones. I really have to dedicate to my master thesis right now…

March 27, 2010

Look, ma, no wiimote!

March 23, 2010

Event 6 “Unified Theory” (from Selected Europe)

Robert acaba de enviarme una primera edición del video de la presentación. Helo aquí.

Gracias, Robert!

Selected Europe


Ya puedo volver a Colombia diciendo “toqué en Barcelona!”

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Making a guitar (some bits) more fun


This idea has been spinning around my head for a long time, and I finally had the time, the knowledge and the motivation for doing it. Much has been said about how wonderful is the Wii, and about the possibilities of the Wiimote as a controller for many exciting applications. We’ve been using a Wiimote in my band KillDemonios (and I want to do it with La Fábrica as well) as a controller for synthesizers, and I wanted to do something with my guitar, something that went a little bit beyond taping the controller to the body of the instrument. Read on to see is what I did (video at the end).

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March 1, 2010