Portfolio – Music

I’ve composed and produced songs for bands I’ve played in, but I have also created a number of pieces for cinema, TV, radio, advertising and the web. Here you will find a selection of my work. To go to a specific section, please use the index just below:


“Unfulfilled” (2011, album) is a compilation of small pieces I’ve composed along recent years. Some of them are rejected pieces from other projects, some are pieces that were around with no special purpose, and some others were composed for people who are important for me. Every piece is accompanied by graphic composition. They can be downloaded from here.

Spacebarman is an electronic/indie/rock band where I compose, sing and play guitar. It has its own web page, please come and visit it! This is our most recent EP:
Spacebarman · FOMO

Fabricamusic (formerly known as La Fábrica) is a Colombian electrorock band I co-founded in 2000. We have been nominated and have won a number of prizes, and we have done some cool gigs, such as being the opening act for Björk during her performance in Colombia in 2007. We have released a number of EPs and LPs. Stop by and visit our web page. Here is one of our EPs:

KillDemonios was a short lived, energetic rock/punk/drum’n’bass band from Bogotá, Colombia. We published three songs which can be heard here:

I mastered the tracks for La Espiral first (and only, so far) album “Electrosoul”:

Full-length film soundtrack

“Yo soy otro” (2008). Directed by Colombian director Oscar Campo, it is a fantasy film that happens in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia. This soundtrack was co-composed and released by Fabricamusic.

Short films:

“Travelling” (2010), a surreal short film directed by Alex Quezada.

“El Pescador de Estrellas” (2007), produced by Fosfenos Media. It tells a love story between two kids from Piangüita, a village in Colombian Pacific coast.

Escondite” (2007), directed by Marcela Gómez. A night of rebellion against the American Dream.

Interactive sound / art

“MixPerceptions” (2013).
MixPerceptions is an art installation where users interact with artworks using their smartphone or tablets and headphones. The interaction is achieved by means of an augmented reality app that reveals rich and dynamic visual and auditory elements that create an engaging multi-sensorial experience.
I created the soundtrack, sound design and programmed the audio interaction using Puredata.


“Estrada do Sol” (2009), documents three friend’s adventures and search for a mythical beach in Brazil.

“Violación como Tortura en la Justicia Universal” (2008). A moving documentary about the legal process after the violent events that happened in the town of Atenco, in Mexico, in May of 2006. The documentary can be seen here.

“Fundamor” (2008). A documentary about an organization that aids low-income children and teenagers who are affected by AIDS.

“Prohibido Mirar” (2007). A critic view of a recent period of the Colombian government. Directed by Camila Rodríguez. Watch the documentary in this link.

Piel de Gallina (1998). A fun mockumentary on evolution and food industry. My first effort in soundtrack composing. Watch it here.

Commercial pieces

TV programs and branding music composed for Señal Colombia TV broadcast station. I made these pieces while working for Tiempo de Cine: A selection of jingles

A selection of instrumental commercial pieces:

Sound design

Los Ciclos” (2007), a short film directed by Juan Manuel Acuña and produced by Pato Feo Films. The original score was composed by the great composer Alejandro Ramírez Rojas.

Travelling” (2010), a surreal short film. I also composed music for it.

Music and sound design for the Web

Gender Justice Uncovered 2010 Awards“. An promo video for an educational contest about gender justice equality, produced by Brújula Comunicaciones for Women’s Link Worldwide