Web development




Tunemap is a geolocation-based music information browser. It started as a project for the 2012 Music Hack Day in Barcelona, but it is now in development with lot of features yet to come.

Awards and recognitions:

– Deezer prize at the Music Hack Day, Barcelona, 2012

– Staff pick at Visual.ly

– Published in the Re-New Digital Arts Forum, 2013. Download the conference proceedings.

Technologies used:

Javascript, Leaflet, MySQL, PHP and a these web APIS: Openstreetmaps, The Echonest, Deezer, Musicmetric.




This is the website of the band Spacebarman. It is basically a mashup that connects to the web presence of the band across music, video, image and other content websites in one place.

Technologies used:

Javascript, CSS, php, and these Web APIs: Bandcamp, Flickr, Vimeo.




A simple landing page for my online presence.

Technologies used:

Javascript, PHP, CSS


Fincas Armengol



Fincas Armengol is a real estate dealer from Menorca, Spain. In 2013 they launched a new website, designed by Carlos Tálaga and programmed by me. It is based on WordPress but I built a custom database structure tu support the huge amount of data from their real estate properties, as well as a custom search engine.

Technologies used:

WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Javascript.