Cálculo de cesantías (e intereses), vacaciones y prima para empleados domésticos en Colombia.

Este archivo de excel puede serle de ayuda. El archivo tiene dos hojas, “Datos” e “Imprimir”. Digite los datos indicados en la hoja “Datos”, los valores serán calculados e insertados en la hoja “Imprimir”. Imprima dos copias de esta hoja, las cuales servirán como comprobantes para el empleador y el empleado.

NOTA: Este archivo de excel no es oficial; lo hice siguiendo instrucciones obtenidas de la página web del Ministerio de trabajo [1,2]. Aunque lo hice con mucho cuidado, no garantizo que los cálculos estén correctos. Utilizar este archivo no exime al empleador del deber de informarse usando las fuentes oficiales.

[1] http://www.mintrabajo.gov.co/publicaciones-mintrabajo/669-servicio-domestico-guia-laboral.html
[2] http://www.mintrabajo.gov.co/noviembre-2016/6579-abc-de-la-ley-1788.html

December 20, 2016

HoloFlex: a flexible smartphone with a lightfield display

One of the papers from the Human Media Lab accepted to the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST 2016) in Japan, describes HoloFlex, a light-field-enables flexible smartphone. HoloFlex sends different light rays to multiple angles, allowing the device to display stereoscopic and motion-parallax-enabled 3D imagery. Additionally, bend sensors offer new ways to interact with 3D content: instead of mapping X and Y drag gestures to the Z axis, bend provides a natural way to move objects perpendicularly to the screen surface.

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WhammyPhone: a bendable smartphone-based music controller

Close to finish my postdoctoral fellowship at the Human Media Lab, two of our papers were accepted at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST 2016) in Japan. One of them is a demo called WhammyPhone, a prototype illustrating the possible applications of flexible smartphone technology for software synthesizer control.

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Talks at the ICESI and Autónoma universities (Cali, Colombia)

Last week I had the pleasure to visit the ICESI and Autónoma universities in my hometown, Cali (Colombia).

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Do humans place too much trust in robots?


Do humans place too much trust in robots? Harvard researcher Serena Booth ran a study to answer this question. Apparently some people consider small, non-human-shaped robots very trustworthy, specially if they deliver cookies. Please read the link for more details.

(Cartoon commentary is mine.)

June 9, 2016

Platonic Solids in Processing

Screenshot 2016-04-17 15.32.06


I couldn’t find a complete implementation of the five Platonic Solids in Processing, so I decided to put some Processing classes together. You can find them here:

The Five Platonic Solids in Processing

As shown in the image above, the classes have the added possibility of drawing polyhedra vertices with custom radius (an example sketch is included in the GitHub project).

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April 17, 2016

BlueMO: a Bluetooth LE to MIDI and OSC translator for Mac OS X


BlueMO allows you to receive data from Adafruit’s Bluefruit boards or RFDuino and translate it into MIDI or OSC. The code is avaliable at GitHub here. (If you are interested in a compiled version, please email me.)

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ReFlex in CTV News, Ottawa

Today Eric Longley from CTV News (Ottawa) visited the Human Media Lab to find out about ReFlex. I answered some questions for about the project, its development and its future.

March 29, 2016

ReFlex: a flexible smartphone with haptic feedback

The Human Media Lab, where I currently work as a postdoctoral fellow, just released ReFlex, a flexible smartphone with active haptic feedback—likely the world’s first.

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The difference between music and noise

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November 29, 2015