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MixPerceptions: the hidden sound and movement in paintings

MixPerceptions is an art installation where users interact with artworks using their smartphone or tablets and headphones. The interaction is achieved by means of an augmented reality app that reveals rich and dynamic visual and auditory elements that create an engaging multi-sensorial experience.

MixPerceptions brings paintings to life, offering a unique and personal experience to every user, and provoking emotive feelings while encouraging exploration and engagement.

It was created by a multidisciplinary team consisting of Aurelio San Pedro, José San Pedro, Matylda Smukier and myself.

MixPerceptions was first presented during the Art Exhibition of the ACM Multimedia Conference that took place during October 21-25t of 2013, in Barcelona.

I created the soundtrack, sound design and programmed the audio interaction using Puredata.

Visit MixPerceptions website for more information on the project.

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