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Control your Meris pedal from your Zoia (via MIDI on CPort), no extra devices needed

The Empress Zoia is the brain of my pedalboard. However, I was frustrated by not being able to use it to control my Meris Enzo via MIDI, as apparently an extra device (Meris MIDI I/O box) was needed. Meh. No way I am going to pay an extra 100 bucks for that, not to mention waste precious pedalboard space.

I started wondering if the control input in the Meris used some some proprietary protocol produced by their MIDI I/O box or just plain MIDI. I did some research and ran into the DisasterArea’s MIDI Box 4 page. In the compatibility section, it says it supports the Enzo using a mono TS cable, and apparently the signal goes on the tip of the cable:

Screenshot from DisasterArea’s MIDI Box 4 compatibility section

Then I went to the Zoia manual to see what options I had on that side. I had my Zoia’s MIDI connectors already busy controlling other stuff, so I looked into the CPort section in page 28 and found this:

Screenshot from the Zoia manual, page 28.

Interesting. It seemed that Zoia’s CPort could be used as a second MIDI output, which would come through the ring.

So a custom cable TRS cable that bridges the ring on the Zoia side to the tip on the Enzo side should work. Right? I decided to give it a try. I went and built that cable and voilà! It works!!!

The cable should look like this:

Zoia to Enzo cable

It works like a charm! Just make sure you configure your CPort for MIDI and you use the same MIDI channel in your MIDI output modules and in your Enzo. I use this cable along a Zoia patch/page I created that includes all of Enzo’s MIDI parameters. It allows me to store a preset for the Enzo along with each of Zoia’s patches. You can find the patch in Patchstorage here. And here you can see it in action:

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