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Count-Me-In: A collaborative step sequencer for audience participation

Count-Me-In is a fun collaborative music-making tool based on Web technologies. It does not require any software installation as it runs on a browser on your device of choice. It requires a computer (its screen should be visible to all participants) and each participant’s device.

Try it out!

  1. Open this link on a computer (its screen should be visible to all participants). Enter a name for your session.
  2. Your session has started! Participants can join with their devices by scanning the QR code. Alternatively, you can copy the URL and share it with them (e.g., via WhatsApp).
  3. Start making music together!

Count-Me-In is a collaborative music sequencer that uses a distributed Web architecture to promote audience participation in music performances, installations, and other similar contexts. Audience members take control of individual sequencer tracks using their mobile phones (or any networked device), collaboratively building a music loop or phrase. This dialog represents a disruption in the traditional role played by the audience in a music performance: instead of being passive listeners, attendees become active performers. Count-Me-In can be synchronized with any DAW or hardware device that generates MIDI Clock messages, allowing seamless collaboration between performers and audience.

Technical details:


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