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Count-Me-In: A collaborative step sequencer for audience participation

Jul 05, 2022 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

Count-Me-In is a fun collaborative music-making tool based on Web technologies. It does not require any software installation as it runs on a browser on your device of choice. It requires a computer (its screen should be visible to all participants) and each participant’s device. Try it out!

Cálculo de cesantías (e intereses), vacaciones y prima para empleados domésticos en Colombia.

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Este archivo de excel puede serle de ayuda. El archivo tiene dos hojas, “Datos” e “Imprimir”. Digite los datos indicados en la hoja “Datos”, los valores serán calculados e insertados en la hoja “Imprimir”. Imprima dos copias de esta hoja, las cuales servirán como comprobantes para el empleador y el empleado. NOTA: Este archivo de […]

Informal data mining: a mess of PDF files

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I have a folder with random pdf files, occupying almost 2GB of my hard drive. Every time I notice I’m running our of space, I arm myself with courage and take the firm decision to clean it. However, when I sort its files by date in order to start getting rid of oldest ones first, […]


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Cool new Sparkfun products, some of them not to be taken seriously: JP

Updated profile in Facebook

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After some technical issues, I was finally able to claim You are welcome to follow (and like) it! (Thanks, Facebook).