I have a background in Human-Computer Interaction research, music composing and production, and sound design. I also have experience in web development and video production. Here you can find a sample of my work, sorted by categories. Please follow the links to browse the desired category:

Research portfolio
You can download a copy of my research portfolio in PDF format (last updated in mid-2016), or browse a full list of my academic publications. Also check this list of blog posts about research activities I’ve been involved in.

Projects and experiments on interactive systems.

Web development (and some design)
I have done both back-end and front-end development—and some design as well, although it is not my area of expertise.

Spacebarman’s music
Spacebarman is currently my main musical project. It is basically an alter ego for releasing my own music.

Music and sound work
Here you will find music I have composed or produced as a member of other bands, as well as soundtracks and sound design I have created for cinema, short films, documentaries, TV, advertising and web.

Video and motion graphic pieces I have developed for various purposes.

Flickr photostream
I don’t pretend to be a professional, but I enjoy taking photos.