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Nuevo video+regalo / New video+giveaway

Sep 04, 2012 - Music, Spacebarman, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

Finalmente, nuestro primer videoclip! Julián Manrique, gran amigo y colega, dirigió este estupendo video. Fue grabado en el Parc del Laberint d’Horta y en diversas calles de la Ciutat Vella, en Barcelona. Recomendamos verlo en pantalla completa! (No olvides que puedes descargar el EP completo de “A veces me pierdo” de nuestro Bandcamp.) Por último (pero no menos […]


Nov 07, 2010 - Music, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

This is the trailer for “Travelling”, a short film directed by Alex Quezada, with a little help from his friends. I created the music and finished the audio mix. Hopefully soon in festivals around the globe!

Reel update

Oct 24, 2010 - Music, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

I updated and organized my reel. There’s a whole lot of music I never published here in my blog before in the Soundtracks section. Enjoy!

“La Sub30″ opening sequence

Sep 14, 2010 - Music, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

La Sub30 is a Colombian TV magazine for young people under 30, aired through the government-funded Señal Colombia broadcast station. Its 2009 season was made by Tiempo de Cine, a really nice company I used to work for. It was the fruit of the work of an excellent team of professionals. This specific piece, the […]

History: Piel de gallina

Aug 13, 2010 - Music, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

“Piel de gallina“, a mockumentary by Monica Arroyave and Carlos “El Pollo” Espinosa. This was the first work I composed music for.