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Creating a mashup music web page.

Dec 04, 2011 - Music, Spacebarman, Web - 0 Comments - Standard

I’m trying to create a cool, strong web presence for my one-man musical project. I basically wanted to make use of my already existing online content, using a minimum amount of hosting storage, but without sacrifying “style”. Or in other words, using the posibilities of social media.

Download BadBoy… for free!

May 13, 2011 - BCN and around, Music, Spacebarman - 0 Comments - Standard

Maybe you already listened to it or maybe not. Anyway, now you can download the BadBoy EP for free from Bandcamp: spacebarman.bandcamp.com/album/badboy-ep Also, you can download the new BadBoy newpapers, for wide screens (here) and 3:4 aspect ratio screens (here). Enjoy!

New EP: BadBoy!

Apr 27, 2011 - BCN and around, Music, Spacebarman - 2 Comments - Standard

This is the first single of a forthcoming album I am working on. The track listing and a brief introduction to every song: The main theme: BadBoy 1×1 which is a cover from a now defunct band called Polaroid (in which I used to play) Another version of BadBoy (Wasted) And a instrumental song titled […]

JP… live!

Dec 13, 2010 - BCN and around, Music - 0 Comments - Standard

I’ll have a solo live concert (the first one ever!) next Thursday. For anybody in Barcelona, you are welcome at 20:30 in Malverde Bar, Carrer Sant Pau 116 (just at the other side of the street… please don’t ask me why).

Unfulfilled in Spotify, iTunes and more!

Nov 30, 2010 - Music, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

Unfulfilled can now be heard in Spotify, and bought from iTunes, Limewire Store, Amazon MP3, Deezer, 7Digital, Play.com, HMV Digital, Meteli.net and others, thanks to RecordUnion. It can also be heard from SoundCloud. Keep listening! (and, why not, buying it ;)).