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MixPerceptions: the hidden sound and movement in paintings

Nov 10, 2013 - BCN and around, Interactive systems, Music - 0 Comments - Standard

MixPerceptions is an art installation where users interact with artworks using their smartphone or tablets and headphones. The interaction is achieved by means of an augmented reality app that reveals rich and dynamic visual and auditory elements that create an engaging multi-sensorial experience. MixPerceptions brings paintings to life, offering a unique and personal experience to […]

TuneMap (Alpha)

Jun 28, 2012 - BCN and around, Interactive systems, Music, Web - 2 Comments - Standard

TuneMap is a tool for music browsing based on geolocation. It was developed by Guillermo Malón, Alberto González and me during the 2012 Barcelona Music Hack Day. It uses The Echo Nest’s and Deezer’s APIs for obtaining artists’ information and music previews. Maps were taken from Open Street Maps, styled by Stamen and and information […]

Simple text Bicing query updated… again.

Feb 21, 2012 - BCN and around, Interactive systems - 0 Comments - Standard

Yes, I had to update it once again. Once again the Bicing web page changed, and I took some time before realizing it. Fortunately, the guys from are always alert to those changes, so I decided to use their API instead and save myself some headaches. It’s also faster than scrapping the Bicing web […]

Simple text Bicing query updated!

Aug 27, 2011 - BCN and around, Interactive systems, Web - 2 Comments - Standard

The guys at Bicing have recently updated their system. Unfortunately, that change affected search apps which use to depend on the older system. Some months ago I published a simple text query for Bicing, and today I updated it to work with the changes… just before the Bicing guys updated their official iPhone app! Well, […]


Aug 17, 2011 - BCN and around, Music, Spacebarman - 0 Comments - Standard

I have always been a fan of stickers. However, I tend to keep them in store waiting for “the right place” to put them on. Unfortunately, this time never comes and they get lost or spoiled. But this time I have promised myself this is not going to happen. I have a 50-pack of Moo’s […]

Download BadBoy… for free!

May 13, 2011 - BCN and around, Music, Spacebarman - 0 Comments - Standard

Maybe you already listened to it or maybe not. Anyway, now you can download the BadBoy EP for free from Bandcamp: Also, you can download the new BadBoy newpapers, for wide screens (here) and 3:4 aspect ratio screens (here). Enjoy!

New EP: BadBoy!

Apr 27, 2011 - BCN and around, Music, Spacebarman - 2 Comments - Standard

This is the first single of a forthcoming album I am working on. The track listing and a brief introduction to every song: The main theme: BadBoy 1×1 which is a cover from a now defunct band called Polaroid (in which I used to play) Another version of BadBoy (Wasted) And a instrumental song titled […]