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Simple text Bicing query updated… again.

Yes, I had to update it once again. Once again the Bicing web page changed, and I took some time before realizing it. Fortunately, the guys from citibik.es are always alert to those changes, so I decided to use their API instead and save myself some headaches. It’s also faster than scrapping the Bicing web page, so if you used the service before, you will notice a speed boost. There’s a delay of around 1 minute with respect to the actual time, but in practice it doesn’t matter much. Visit it here (and once again, if you like it, please consider listening to my music at spacebarman.com).

Some improvements

  • As I mentioned, search is now quicker, thanks to CityBikes API
  • The list of bikes is now sorted by distance. Closest station appears first.
  • You can click the link to display a static map with the stations found
  • TIP: bookmark the results if you use them often!


If you live in a city with a bike sharing system, I strongly recommend checking citibik.es. They have a very cool app for Android (and an iPhone version is in the make), as well as APIs and easy to embed pages of bike sharing systems from all around the world!

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